Diisopropanolamine (DIPA) is a basic chemical used in many applications serving as emulsifiers, stabilizers, chemical intermediates and neutralizers that achieve basicity, buffering and alkalinity objectives. Because DIPA is a good solubilizer of oil and fat, it is frequently used to neutralize fatty acids and sulfonic acid-based surfactants.


Chemical Name: Diisopropanolamine
Chemical Family: Isopropanolamine

Other Names:




Chemical Formula:   C6H15NO2

Benefits & Applications

Personal Care
• Neutralization of acidic components
• pH contributor
• Good surfactant properties—emulsifying agent, wetting agent, contributes cleaning, lubrication and viscosity

• As tall oil amides for water-based metalworking fluids, offers some corrosion protection, improved lubricity, foam suppression, and also reduces friction in buffing, cutting and cleaning fluids

Other Applications
• Coatings
• Pesticides
• Paint strippers
• Paper
• Photographic intermediates
• Plastics
• Polyurethane additives
• Reaction intermediates
• Surfactants
• Textiles and urethanes

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