Tetrahydrofuran is an industrial solvent used in the plastics, pharmaceutical, and specialty chemicals industries. Saiper offers Tetrahydrofuran of Min 99.90% purity. Tetrahydrofuran is extremely flammable.

Chemical Name: Tetrahydrofuran
Chemical Family: C4 Chemicals
Other Names:

• Tetramethylene Oxide

CAS No: 109-99-9
Chemical Formula:  C4H8O


Resin Solvent:
• PVC and CPVC pipe cement
• Magnetic tape manufacture
• Polyurethane fabric coatings

• Manufacture of natural gas odorants
• Production of polytetramethylether glycols for polyurethanes
• Polyester producers of inks for plastics

Reaction Solvent:
• Pharmaceutical and specialty chemicals
• Alkali metals, alkyl alkali and aryl alkali metal compounds
• Alkali metal, aluminum hydrides, and borohydrides
• Organics with limited solubility in alcohols, ketones, ethers, and esters
• Steroids

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