Tertiary Butyl Alcohol

High purity Tertiary Butyl Alcohol (Tebol® 99) is a colorless, noncorrosive liquid which exhibits unique physical and chemical properties. Excellent solvating and coupling capabilities, in conjunction with its stability and low reactivity, make Tebol 99 an ideal solvent. Tebol 99 can also be used in chemical synthesis as an ideal source for the tertiary butyl functionality.

Chemical Name: Tertiary Butyl Alcohol
Chemical Family: C4 Chemicals
Other Names:

• 2-Methyl, 2-Propanol
• Tertiary Butanol
• T-Butyl Alcohol
• TBA 99
• Tebol® 99

CAS No:  75-65-0
Chemical Formula:  C4H10O

Benefits & Applications

Aqueous Applications: Stability and compatibility can be gained in some aqueous-based products by using Tertiary Butyl Alcohol. Its addition can significantly reduce the surface tension of water, enabling formulators to dissolve marginally water soluble ingredients into an aqueous system without generating an emulsion or a highly foaming product.

Azeotropes: Tertiary Butyl Alcohol forms azeotropes with many common solvents making it an ideal candidate for the removal of unwanted residual solvents including:
• cyclohexane
• ethyl acetate
• n-heptane
• n-hexane
• n-pentane
• water

Chemical Intermediate: Tertiary Butyl Alcohol serves as a readily available source for tertiary butyl functionality. Alkylation of aromatics and nitrogen compounds occurs in good yield with high selectivity.
Other known uses include:
• replacement of gaseous isobutylene
• blocking agent for polyurethane prepolymers
• preparation of peroxide initiators
• preparation of metal alkoxide salts

Industrial Process Solvent: Its unique solubility characteristics make Tertiary Butyl Alcohol an attractive co-solvent or non-surfactant compatibilizer for many immiscible solvent blends. Good miscibility, in conjunction with excellent solvating characteristics, makes Tertiary Butyl Alcohol a unique solvent for industrial processing applications.

Pharmaceuticals: Tertiary Butyl Alcohol exhibits excellent solvating and coupling capabilities, as well as stability and low reactivity making it an ideal solvent for various process applications including use as a process solvent, synthetic reagent, denaturant for ethanol, and solvent in diagnostic kit formulations.

Reaction Solvent: Tertiary Butyl Alcohol provides potent solvency for many non-polar or moderately polar fine chemicals and intermediates. Excellent oxidative stability and low reactivity make Tertiary Butyl Alcohol an ideal solvent for many reaction processes including oxidation, reductions, and esterifications.

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